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Behavioural Science Online 2018



Registration will open at 09:00.

Session 1. Running Experiments Online: Tools of the Trade

In this introductory session we will introduce some of the key advantages and challenges of running experiments online and introduce some helpful tools

  • 09:50 Welcome and Announcements Jenni Rodd, UCL
  • 10:00 Online research is #trending, but is it good science? Why Online? Jo Evershed, Cauldron Science
  • 10:20 The state of the art: a technical overview of what works today Nick Hodges, Cauldron Science
  • 10:40 [C]lick your screen: probing the senses online Andy Woods

11:00-11.30 COFFEE

  • 11:30 Online large-scale studies with children out of the lab: the promise and the challenge Kate Nation, University of Oxford
    • Brought forward from the afternoon session to accommodate the speaker
  • 11:50 Recruiting Participants for Online Studies: Challenges and Solutions Katia Damer, Prolific
  • 12:10 Ensuring data quality when you can’t see your participants Jenni Rodd, UCL
  • 12:30 The future of publishing: An opportunity to contribute Cleo Ngiam, Springer Nature

12.40-1.40 LUNCH

NB: Lunch will not be provided. There is a café in the building and many others nearby.

Session 2. Applications of Online Methods: Learning from past Successes (and Failures)

  • 1:40 Using online resources to improve children’s language skills: Prospects and Challenges Charles Hulme, University of Oxford
  • 2:00 Online auditory training and learning studies: promise and pitfalls Fred Dick, Birkbeck
  • 2:20 The Unity game engine for a large-cohort, developmental study. Alex Irvine, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
  • 2.40 Testing over 4 million participants via a mobile app: Sea Hero Quest Hugo Spiers, UCL

3:00-3:30 TEA

  • 3:30 Online data collection in health psychology research: what I have learned Suzanna Forwood, Anglia Ruskin University
  • 3:50 Doing multi-person interactive social cognition studies in psychiatry: successes, challenges and frustrations Vaughan Bell, Division of Psychiatry, UCL & Nichola Raihani, Experimental Psychology, UCL
  • 4:10 Making cognitive and language assessments available online to practitioners Mairéad MacSweeney, UCL


Our sponsors (Gorilla, Cauldron Science and Prolific) are kindly paying for wine and nibbles so that we can all chat about the future of online behavioural science.

With thanks to our sponsors: